Who Are We?

Ducktopia is a community-driven PvE Ark cluster and Atlas grid! We strive to make your experience as fun as possible! To accomplish this, we offer a carefully curated selection of mods (more on that below), and we have set up our Discord server to be a central hub for all things Ducktopia!

On Ducktopia you will find active and friendly admins, a budding community, and an unprecedented level of support and assistance from both staff and members! We hope to see you in Discord and in-game

Our Servers

We currently offer 6 Ark maps, and a 3x3 Atlas grid to adventure across! Our servers use a custom verification system through our Discord bot, please be sure to join us on Discord and verify so you can join and play with us!


General Behaviour

  • Rules are up to the interpretation of Admins.
  • One Admin's ruling is representative of all admins; attempting to go behind an admin's back is strictly against rules.
  • Don't be a dick. This includes stuff not specifically mentioned here.
  • No abuse, hate speech and racism. This includes tribe and player names.
  • Don't spam or troll excessively.
  • The language in general chat and public discord channels is English.
  • No hacks or exploits. If you notice unintended mechanics that can be abused report it to the admins.
  • Keep promotions to the #babble channel.
  • Advertising is not permitted.

Admin Help

  • Please use the discord channel #reports if you need any admin help.
  • Try to use in-game tools first. Stuck dinos may be moved with a whip, transmitter or grabbed by another dino. If you can't find your dinos use the dino tracker.
  • Lost dinos and items due to crashes, rollbacks and bugs will not be restored. There may be exception if proof is provided.

Ark Rules


Atlas Rules


  • No dinos on wander or aggressive outside your base. They may be killed on-sight by admins.
  • Don't park dinos close to the obelisks, boss summoning platforms or admin placed public transmitters.
  • Don't drop, lure or agro/kite wild dinos into other players bases.
  • Tribe dino limit is 300, however, we reserve the right to alter this at any time.


  • Completely loot beaver damns and loot crates so they can respawn.
  • Don't drop unwanted wyvern or rock drake eggs. Eat them.
  • Oil pumps, gas collectors, and sap taps must be unlocked. Locked ones will be admin demolished.


  • No blocking of resource rich areas (this includes beaver dams).
  • No building within a 300m of an obelisk.
  • Don't build in or near artifact or resource caves. Temporary sleeping bags are ok.
  • Caves and ruins that don't have artifacts and aren't resource rich are ok to build in.
  • Ask for permission before building within 300m of another player's base (can be checked with binoculars).
  • No permanent bases in spawn regions.
  • Remove your traps once you are done. Permanent public traps must be admin-approved.
  • Public teleporters which are not safe and accessible must be labelled as such.
  • No foundation -or pillar- spam to block/claim areas. Put up a billboard if you plan to move.
  • An area may remain claimed without sign of action for a maximum of 1 week.
  • A billboard indicating a claim is to be treated the same as if a player had built a base there already.
  • Don't build an excessive pipe system, s+ intakes can be placed and function anywhere. (Lengthy piping systems will not be manually demolished by admins, it will simply be tribe-wiped)
  • Don't block land routes on any map.
  • Don't block passage between biomes in Aberration.
  • Don't block access to these natural sites:
    • Plant Z
    • Charge Nodes
    • Explorer Notes
    • Artifact Caves
    • Oil Veins
    • Wyvern Nests
    • Beacons
  • Bases are permitted to be up to 150x150 foundations combined. The space is flexible and is to be divided up among a Main base, Water pen, Tree platform, and 1 outpost per additional member (on Aberration this is to be divided between a Main base, Water pen, Blue Zone outpost, Red Zone outpost, and 1 outpost per additional member). Division of this space is at the discretion of the tribe. (Resources will respawn ~7 foundations from a structure)
  • Admins reserve the right to demolish abandoned bases after dinos have decayed

Extinction (DLC Map)

  • Don't join ongoing OSD Challenges, Elemental Veins or Titan fights without permission from the players currently participating.
  • Don't activate OSDs or Elemental Veins you are not planning to complete them; You can burn them if you've asked online players first and given them ample time to reply.
  • Don't block City Terminals. They have to be accessible by any dino.
  • Don't block passage on ramps/streets in the city. It is ok if you use unlocked Behemoth Gates. If in doubt ask an admin.
  • Spots with 5+ Benches and/or Tables within 5 foundations of each other in the City count as Resource Rich and should not be blocked.
  • There are base and dino-destroying meteor showers outside the city/biomes. This is not a bug and there will be no admin help if you lose something to them.
  • Titan Bosses on Extinction should not be tamed for more than 24h since this blocks anybody else from doing that Boss Fight. Exceptions can be granted by Admins.

General Rules

  • Don't join ongoing OSD Challenges, Elemental Veins or Titan fights without permission from the players currently participating.
  • Don't leave tames on wander/aggressive outside of an enclosure, they will be destroyed on sight.
  • Don't claim land in a freeport. Sloops can be bought at the freeport in exchange for raw materials that can be gathered at freeport. Land claims in freeport will be destroyed on sight.
  • Don't claim land unnecessarily. We aren't imposing a limit on claims yet, but don't be greedy, there's lots of space and resources for everyone.
  • Don't steal claim flags from other companies. If you wish to obtain some land from someone else then communicate with them and attempt to work out a deal.
  • Be kind to your fellow players, if you're in their claim zone when treasure hunting make an attempt to make sure the land owner is aware of your presence.
  • Along the same lines as the above rule, if someone is treasure hunting in your claim, do not attempt to get a cut of the treasure by sneaking in nearby. (Taxation is fine).

Rates and Settings

This section is currently only for Ark, however many rates match for Atlas.


  • XP: 1x
  • Difficulty: 10
  • Cache & corpse decay: 2x
  • Friendly fire: On
  • Flyer carry: On
  • Cave flying: On
  • Fog: Off
  • Third person view: On
  • Crosshair: On
  • Hit Markers: On
  • Floating damage numbers: On
  • Force structure locking: On
  • Join/Leave notification: On
  • Fuel consumption interval: 4x


  • Resource harvest clamp: Off
  • Resource respawn radius: 0.5x
  • Harvest multiplier: 2.5x


  • Unfertilized egg drop rate: 0.75x
  • Titan taming: On
  • Titan feeding: On
  • Titan food drain: 0.25x
  • Dino HP recover rate: 1.7x
  • Dino decay: 7x
  • Max level: 300
  • Domestic level-ups: 201 (500k XP)


  • Mating interval: 0.25x
  • Hatch/Gestate speed: 10x
  • Mature speed: 10x
  • Imprint interval: 0.25x
  • Tribe imprinting: On


  • Corpse locator: On
  • Map location: On
  • Unlimited mindwipe: On
  • Spawn animation: Off
  • Permanent diseases: Off
  • Player weight multiplier: 2x
  • Player oxygen multiplier: 2x
  • Player fortitude multiplier: 2x
  • Max level with ascension: 150 (1m XP)
  • Max level before ascension: 120 (280k XP)


  • Max players in tribe: 16
  • Max dinos per tribe: 300
  • Tribe alliances: On


  • Structure placement collision: Off
  • Platform structure multiplier: 20x
  • Platform structure multiple floors: On
  • Platform saddle tame limit cost: 2
  • Structure decay: 3.5x


  • Custom loot tables: Yes
  • Fishing loot quality: 2x


  • Passive tame feed interval: 2.5x
  • Taming multiplier: 5x


  • Aberration dino downloads: Native Only

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