Welcome to Ducktopia!

Ducktopia is a community-driven PvE Ark cluster! We strive to make your experience as fun as possible! To accomplish this, we offer a carefully curated selection of mods, and we've set up our Discord server and website to be a central hub for all things Ducktopia!

On Ducktopia you will find active and friendly admins, a budding community, and an unprecedented level of support and assistance from both staff and members! We hope to see you in Discord and in-game!

Our servers use a custom verification system through our Discord bot, please be sure to join us on Discord and verify so you can join and play with us!

Getting Started

Join our Discord server; There's important information and services for our cluster you can only access through Discord.
Accept the Rules
Agree to the rules through our custom-built bot to whitelist yourself in real-time.
Start Playing!
That's it! You can now join our Ark servers! Happy Surviving!
Our Servers
Ark The Island
Ark Ragnarok
Ark Aberration
Ark Extinction
Ark Scorched Earth
Ark The Center
Ark Valguero
Ark Extinction Core
Click one of the servers above to see more info!